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Woman Allegedly Yells At Muslim Woman To 'Go Back To Where You Came From' At Sesame Place

LANGHORNE, Pa. (CBS) -- What started as a fun trip to the Sesame Place water park in Bucks County turned frightening for some guests when a woman began cursing and yelling at people in line -- and it was caught on camera. Zafirah Moore says she started recording the incident with her cellphone after she says the woman told her to "go back to where you came from."

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Moore was with her two kids at the family park on Monday when a woman in line started cursing at some kids in front of her. Moore told the woman to stop with the swear words and the woman then allegedly told Moore to "go back to where you came from," and then waved her middle finger in her face.

Moore says in an exclusive interview she was born and raised in West Philadelphia. She also says she was wearing her Muslim garb at the park while with her kids and she feels the woman's remarks are racist.


"I just want to tell her that I'm a person. I don't look like everyone else, I don't dress like everyone else, but I am a person. You can't just go around saying anything to anybody. It was no need to say that to me," Moore said.

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Moore says she would accept an apology from the woman.

"Of course I would forgive her. I'm not holding a grudge. I just want her to learn from her actions and I don't want her to do this to anyone else," she said.

Moore added the woman may be "piggybacking" on President Donald Trump's recent remarks.

"I don't know her. I can't say why she did what she did, but she did what she did and she needs to realize it's not OK," she said.

Sesame Place tells Eyewitness News the woman was kicked out of the park and is not allowed to return.

"Sesame Place only welcomes tolerance, love and respect for others. Earlier this week, a park guest that did not live up to those values was promptly and decisively removed from our park. She has been permanently banned from returning, and contrary to rumors, she was not given tickets to return to the park. A video of the incident has since been posted on social media. Creating safe and inclusive experiences for all guests – especially children and their parents – is our top priority. The Sesame Place family deeply regrets that any park guest would have this kind of experience in our park. It runs counter to everything we stand for. We are in contact with the affected guests and are working to ensure they feel welcomed and safe at Sesame Place," the park said in a statement.

Moore says she still wants to press charges.

CBS3's Matt Petrillo contributed to this report.

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