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Can Kathleen Kane Be Top Prosecutor In Pa. Without Law License?

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Philadelphia lawyer in private practice who is following, but not involved in the Kathleen Kane case finds it "curious" that the Pa. Supreme Court made its ruling, in light of the fact she has only been indicted, and not convicted.

Attorney Scott Vernick says the Supreme Court is "handcuffing the ability of the Attorney General to do her job."

"Even though she is the chief executive of the attorney general's office and has responsibilities that are non-legal in nature, as a practical matter, it's difficult to separate out the two," said Vernick.

He says the Justices "left her in place but gutted much of what she does."

Kane's spokesman Chuck Ardo says that the first deputy attorney general, Bruce Beemer, will likely assume the legal duties she can no longer perform.

"She can still function as the head of the office and make decisions as to priorities and administrative decisions about budget and personnel," said Ardo.

Kane says she plans to keep fighting to clear her name while serving out the rest of her term in office.

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