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Camden County Mother Facing Charges In Cancer Scheme

by Jenn Bernstein

PENNSAUKEN, N.J., (CBS) -- Police say 35-year-old Susan Stillwaggon is facing charges after she told friends, family, and even her own son, he was sick with cancer.

Police say she then accepted fundraising money from friends.

"The soccer team, the mothers' were doing cupcake sales, they were selling bracelets, they were selling necklaces, they had a bingo night that they raised money," said Pennsauken Police Lieutenant Michael Probasco.

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The Pennsauken mother of four told the community through word of mouth and her Facebook page that her elementary school age son had a type of lymphoma, according to police.

"It's a lie," said Lt. Probasco.

Officials were alerted when they received an anonymous tip from another police department.

Shortly thereafter, police also received a call from the child's elementary school, after school officials became suspicious of the claims.

Eyewitness News went to Stillwaggon's home where a woman answered the door, identifying herself as Stillwaggon's mother.

She says her daughter is currently being treated at a psychiatric ward.

"I will just tell you that my daughter is sick, something snapped in her head, don't know what, that's why she is where she is so we can find out what's wrong," she said.

The woman says the family was blown away when they heard, and did not know about Stillwaggon's alleged lies.

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Stillwaggon was charged Thursday with 3rd degree Theft by Deception, 3rd degree Forgery, 2nd degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child, 2nd degree Using a Juvenile to Commit a Criminal Offense.

Police say once she is arrested, the Camden County Prosecutor's Office will take over and pursue the charges.

Police are still calculating how much money was involved and are asking anyone who attended or knew about a fundraiser to give them a call.

Pennsauken Police Sergeant Cheryl Duffy can be reached at (856) 488-0080 ext. 2407.

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