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Budget Puts Republican Corbett At Odds With GOP Lawmakers

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) - Governor Corbett's decision to trim legislative funding from the new state budget is shining a light on the rift between the Republican governor and the legislative leaders of his own party who control the House and Senate.

Still agitating for action on public pension reform, Governor Corbett signed the new budget, but line-item vetoed $72-million in legislative earmarks and operating expenses, saying lawmakers have ample reserve money they can tap into.

That brought this rebuke from Allegheny County Republican Mike Turzai, the House majority leader, on Thursday afternoon: "The governor's actions today seem to us to be about politics and not about the hard work of governing."

When asked if an override of the governor's line-item vetoes is possible, Turzai said legislative leaders are discussing what approach to take.

Meanwhile, Senate GOP leaders released a statement saying they are "disappointed that the Governor has not, to date, been able to work effectively with the Republican majorities in the House and Senate" to address major fiscal issues.

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