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Brick Township Pulls Together One Year After Sandy

By Cleve Bryan

BRICK, N.J. (CBS)--Sandy survivors and supporters at the Visitation Relief Center joined thousands of volunteers throughout New Jersey in a day of service to mark the one year anniversary of Super Storm Sandy.

"A lot of people are from around here and they've see the devastation and the general sense is we want to help", says Ian O'Loughlin, a volunteer with New Jersey Cares.

The Relief Center offers a variety of free services from lending tools, to handing out food and even organizing debris clean ups.

One of the Center's Eco-Warriors who helps do the environmental cleanup is Cheri Gleason whose parents' home in Brick Township sustained nearly $200, 000 worth of damages.

Her mother Pat Unice can't believe a year after Sandy she still can't go home.

"I don't know when I'll see the end of the rainbow, I don't see it," says Unice.

She says the positive to the devastation Sandy caused is the forging of a stronger community.

"This year brought so many people together," says Unice.

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