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Best Locally-owned Coffee Shops In Philadelphia

By Christina Dagnelli

Coffee for many people is not a necessity to function, but rather a luxury or even indulgence. People who love coffee for its taste and complexity and not its caffeine content tend to be a bit more selective about the entire process. And great coffee shops, especially small independently owned ones follow the entire process from bean selection, how it's roasted to the final product. Here are the top 5 best locally owned Coffee shops in the Philadelphia area.

Function Coffee Labs
1001 S .10th St.
Philadelphia, PA  19147
(267) 606-6764

Their tag line is "Where Coffee meets science".  Beans are sourced from many different locations providing unique flavors. The owners is know their coffee and have an obvious love for it. All of their coffee and products are sustainable.  Many customers have stated this is the" best black cup of coffee in the city. "This is because the beans are carefully selected, the water is clean, and well science is meeting coffee as well as love. They carry what is called "House Coffee' and a Laboratory Line, which changes. The owners recommend you just drink it black or with some milk so you can get the full flavors. This truly is the sign of good coffee. They are most famous for the "Coffee Shot."

Old City Coffee
221 Church St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 629-9292

Old City Coffee was established in 1984 and besides being located in Old City; they also have a stand at the Reading Terminal Market for you to purchase some of their coffee and teas. They are an in-house roaster, so they can give the highest quality to their coffee, by roasting in small batches.  In addition to their coffee and tea menu, they also serve light bites. People love the Jewish Apple Cake to go with their coffee. You can enjoy your coffee outside at one of their tables. Old City is not a big establishment but people have been coming here for years so they are doing it right.

Reanimator Coffee
310 West Master Ave.
Philadelphia, PA. 19122
(215) 425-5805

Many locals know that Reanimator Coffee can wake the dead. But besides that, they also employee true baristas who don't just serve coffee but rather create "café art". Reanimator on Master has a nice large open area that is always busy but never over packed for you to sit and enjoy a cup of Joe. This is the newest and second location in an old factory building with huge windows. The other location is in Fishtown, (1523 E. Susquehanna Ave). Whichever location you choose you can get your coffee crafted just how you like it. All of their beans are roasted in house and bags of beans are available for sale.

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Nook Bakery and Coffee Bar
15 S. 20th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Over in the popular Rittenhouse Square section of Philadelphia is the Nook Bakery & Coffee Bar. It is a small coffee shop, big on bakery taste by using small batch baking and coffee making. Their mission is to pair delicious coffee with their made in house equally delicious bakery goods all done with sustainability in mind. Customers love the Berry Muffin and pastries to go with the Ethiopian drip coffee. Nook is a small place to escape the big coffee houses in the city. They serve breakfast and lunch.

Grindcore House
1515 South 4th St.
Philadelphia, PA. 19147

Grindcore House frequently makes the "best of" lists for many reasons, (of course people love it) but mostly because it just may be one of the more interesting places you will ever go for coffee. They combine all things Heavy Metal with the vegan lifestyle and are big dog lovers.  Customers describe it as unique with an "activist attitude". Grindcore of course grinds their own fair trade coffee. They have the largest variety of non-dairy choices in the city. They also have unique syrups such as Marshmallow and coconut. They produce locally sourced food and bake on the premises which is 100% vegan. So their big variety of "cream cheese" is all vegan. People love the Jalapeno, Pumpkin and Ghost pepper.

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