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Author Uses Multi-Media To Take Story Beyond The Page

By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Many of us read e-books on an e-reader, tablet or computer, but not as many will crack open a regular book with extra e-content.

The Seers: New World Order, by M.D. Kaczkowski, is a metaphysical adventure that goes beyond the printed page.

"It'll take you to the cyber-dimension, where we have original music, images, even 3d animations. It's a multi-media experience that is also symbolic of the book itself because you become a seer yourself by seeing the unseen cyber-dimension," says Kaczkowski.

This is accomplished by scanning QR codes in the book with your phone, which connects to the extra content over the web.

Kaczkowski says as the book unfolded he surrounded himself with a team of musicians, artists and animators to bring this extra dimension to life.

The larger question is will this become simply the way fiction is written in the future; an author in conjunction with multi-media storytellers taking you beyond the page?

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