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Ask An Expert: Upcoming Summer Fashion Trends In Philadelphia

Smak Parlour was created 11 years ago by Drexel University graduates Abby and Katie. Fresh out of college, they had the vision to use their fashion design degrees to open a store and design clothing  to express their individuality. After opening their store, Abby and Katie began to buy from other designers to stock Smak Parlour and have since made the motto of being pretty, chic, and edgy a staple in their boutique. They'll be releasing their own seasonal designs wholesale. Soon, Smak Parlour Cut and Sew will be in stores across the USA. Be sure to find Smak Parlour on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr for styling ideas.
Reannin Celins, Stylist
Smak Parlour
219 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 625-4551
smakparlour.comReannin Celins is a stylist who has been working for Abby and Katie for the last three years. She's an aspiring designer who will graduate from the Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2017 with a degree in fashion marketing and merchandise. You can find Reannin's personal style choices on Instagram at @Whatwouldreado. She spoke with CBS about the trends for the summer season. Read on for some outfit ideas and helpful tips on how to spruce up your summer wardrobe.
Fruit PrintsGet your fruit fix this summer, even if you're pattern shy. Smak Parlour has a variety of skater dresses to add to your wardrobe. Whichever fruit you're daring to try, it'll be a great addition to your style. Smak has dresses with strawberry, watermelon and cherry prints. Reannin also suggests adding a bandana, which is also trending, around your neck to add zest to your look.
Conversational PiecesGo bold with your prints. Smak has black and white bold print patterns at the shop. These bold patterns are a nod to mod when 70s mini skirts first burst onto the fashion scene. Reannin suggests pairing your bold conversation patterned piece with a cold shoulder T-shirt and some Espadrilles shoes. It's a casual, yet eye-catching look.
Print On PrintNow that you're not afraid of print anymore, it's time to mix and match. Smak Parlour has a variety of skater skirts and chevron blazers in the shop. It's a good idea to test out which patterns mesh best on you. Pulling off mixed prints is a great way to express yourself and show your creative side. Reannin recommends using minimal accessories and a pop of lip color. She also proposes color blocking with a solid mustard colored shirt to pull your outfit together.

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NecklacesDainty necklaces are always a must-have, no matter what season. Smak has plenty of fun necklaces to layer and mix and match, whether you decide to use silver or gold, fruit emblems or a necklace the represents your city. No matter which necklaces you string together, you can't go wrong.
Take RisksReannin had one last tip for the summer season: she wants you to know when to let go. Try new things, don't rerun last year's selections. For instance, if you wore chokers last year, choose a different type of necklace this year. Leave those old trends in 2015, attempt to mix it up this year, and embrace a new version of yourself.

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