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Anthony Gargano Meets Phantom-Like Eagles Fans Who Creates Slogan, 'You Must Believe'

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- It sounds like a dream, or fable, but it's not. It's real.

And it has everyone saying three simple words: "You Must Believe."

"Dude, I got to tell you a story," Anthony Gargano told Rob Ellis in the opening of the 94WIP Afternoon Show on Thursday. "So last night, I'm walking the dog and it's probably, maybe, second inning of the World Series [game] and I'm walking down Delaware Avenue. And as I'm walking I see this older man, he had to be maybe in his 60's right? And I see him and he's got an Eagles jacket on and an Eagle hat.

He goes, 'Cuz!'

He says to me, 'Listen. I've got a real problem. I'm getting up there. I'm well into the back nine of life and I really want the Eagles to win the Super Bowl. He said, 'Honeslty, I may die before the Eagles win the Super Bowl. He said, can they win it this year?"

Then, the man said the three magical words.

"He looked at me square in the eye and said, 'I really, really need this,'" Gargano continued with the story. "'I need this as complete fulfillment in my life. You must believe.'"

And, as Gargano explained, the man vanished abruptly.

Eerily, the very next day, Gargano had nearly an identical story to tell.

"Last night I'm walking the dog, dude I saw him again," Gargano told his partner Ellis on Friday during the opening of their show. "Dude I saw him again. He wouldn't tell me his name. He said don't worry about it. It's halftime of the Broncos-Charges game. So I go out, the same thing!"

"Low and behold last night, I take a walk, and who do I see but [the same guy]," Gargano continued. "He's got the same get-up on. The same exact get-up! And he said, 'Thank You.'

'What's your name? I was calling you Clearance after the movie It's A Wonderful Life because I didn't know, I thought you were a ghost.'

'I just want to say thank you and remember, you must believe,' he said, and sure enough, I look back and he was gone."


On Friday, Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis joined the 94WIP Afternoon Show. When asked to say the new slogan on air, Davis said, "Anthony, it goes without saying. You must believe!"




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