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Couple's Bodies Found After Woman Jumped Into Delaware River, Boyfriend Jumped In After Her, Police Say

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Police revealed new information Friday after a couple's bodies were found in the Delaware River Thursday morning. Police say 28-year-old Anjania Patterson jumped into the river and 39-year-old Tim Siler jumped in after her, all while their little girl was inside a nearby car.

One of the many tragedies is the couple's 5-year-old daughter was waiting in a minivan while all of this unfolded.

Couple's Bodies Found In Delaware River, 5-Year-Old Daughter Found Alone In Car

Eyewitness News spoke with Patterson's mother and aunt Friday. They're still in shock more than a day later.

anjania patterson
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Police say the couple went to the waterfront around 2:45 a.m. Thursday morning. The say Patterson and Siler were talking.

Siler walked away and Patterson jumped in the water. Moments later, Siler jumped in after her.

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Neither ever made it out of the water alive. Police say it doesn't appear to be foul play and neither were pushed into the river.

"It's just a tragedy that I don't think I will ever get through because there's nothing like losing a child," Patterson's mother, Denise Johnson, said.

Patterson's family says the tough job now is telling a young girl both of her parents are dead.

"She lost both parents and it's just a traumatic experience," Sandra Johnson, Patterson's aunt, said. "I can't even fathom telling her, but we're all going to get together and we have to be strong for her."

"We can talk about heaven, that they went up to heaven and everything but can a 5-year-old really understand?" Johnson added.

Patterson's family says there was a history of domestic violence and that she was likely trying to get away from him. They have a message for others in similar situations.

"Anybody that's in an abusive relationship, get out. Get out, regardless of what, get out," Johnson said.

CBS3's Howard Monroe reports.

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