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Analysis: Healthcare And The Presidential Election

By Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The political analysts are still trying to figure out how the Supreme Court decision upholding the healthcare law might impact the Obama-Romney race.

Rich Mroz is a strategist and influential adviser to Governor Christie and NJ Republicans. He says that the New Jersey party is united against the Obama plan because it's too much federal control.

"The government should not be paying for this. We should not tax people, which now we know from the Supreme Court decision, is what this is. And that will be the debate as we go into this presidential election"

Listen to extended interview:

For ex-Congressman Patrick Murphy, the Republican arguments that the penalty for not applying for health care in a few years is a tax are not relevant. He says it doesn't matter what you call it.

"Whether it is a fear of tax, most Americans don't care. They just want to say 'Am I going to be taken care of? Is it going to be the same system?' And it will be, but most importantly no more freeloaders in our system everybody has to have 'Freeriders' skin in the game. Freeriders or Freeloaders"

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