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Aluminum Cans Gaining Popularity Among Craft Beer Enthusiasts

By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - With beer Week in full swing, there's big news out of New England where Sam Adams, one of the original craft brewers, has announced it will now offer its products in cans.

The idea of drinking craft beer out of a can used make purists cringe. But not anymore.

""We chose cans over bottles for economical reasons. I think cans are beautiful package for beer, and I'm surprised it's taken Sam Adams so long to discover that."

Brian O'Reilly, the brewmaster at Sly Fox in Pottstown, has been canning for seven years, to rave reviews.

"Really, the one thing that's really beautiful about a beer can is the seal. The double seam on top, the way the end or the lid gets sealed to the can, protects the beer from oxygen much, much better than a crown."

He says the idea that canned beer tastes tinny is a myth.

"There's never been a tin character from aluminum cans. It just was an old perception. And glass was a little fancier and thought to be a little high end."

In addition, he says today's lids pull off the entire top of the can, allowing more aroma to escape.

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