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Alleged Bill Cosby Rape Victim: 'There's Some Kind Of Missing Part In His Conscience'

By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The earliest alleged victim of rape by Bill Cosby is speaking out publicly 45 years after she alleged the events occurred.

Joan Tarshis told WPHT morning host Chris Stigall about the times in 1969 where she contends that Bill Cosby drugged and raped her on more than one occasion. She was a young comedic writer at the time working with Godfrey Cambridge and was invited up to Cosby's dressing room to "work on some comedy with him," but she says that instead, he drugged and raped her.

Even though that at this moment, she is the earliest known purported victim of Cosby, Tarshis does not feel that his apparent habit started with her.

"If I read the man correctly, being a predator, I'm sure that there were people before that we just don't know about."

Tarshis defends her public statements against claims that she and the at least 14 other women that say that they were raped by Cosby, are only doing it for attention.

"Nobody's going to know who I am tomorrow. Nobody knew who I was yesterday. Nobody knew the other women; really, they all came out as Jane Doe. So, they certainly didn't want attention and I just wanted to give credibility to the people that went before me. We all have similar stories. Cosby's M.O. is the same. "

After all this time and all the women that have come out telling similar stories, she still hasn't wrapped her mind around how he could get away with raping so many women, calling him sociopathic. "There's some kind of missing part in his conscience."

She keeps hope that others, including Cosby himself, can learn from her experiences.

"I hope people realize that celebrities are not their image; that they're people and they can be just as flawed as any other person. Just becoming a celebrity, that's talent and a lot of it is luck, but it doesn't mean that they are the royalty that this country makes them out to be. It's never too late for Mr. Cosby to get help."

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