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After Series Of Arrests, Chester County DA Describes Felony Lane Gang

By Jim Melwert

LOWER MERION, Pa. (CBS) -- There's been a series of arrests in the suburbs connected to a loosely-affiliated group known as the "Felony Lane Gang."

One group was arrested following a Schuylkill Expressway police-chase. Another group taken into custody arrested in Montgomery County after targeting cars parked at day-care centers in Upper Gwynedd.

The Felony Lane Gang, isn't so much a "gang" as it is, in the words of Chester County DA Tom Hogan, a loose confederation of criminals, often with ties to Florida.

"And they are modern day grafters, they work cons up and down the east coast."

Hogan says the group tries to find easy marks to steal purses or wallets.

"They are targeting a suburban woman that is going to go to a store, go to gym, go to a daycare center and leave their purse in the car."

They then recruit drug addicts or prostitutes who look similar to the person on the ID, take forged checks to a bank drive-through, going through the far lane, so the teller can't get a good look.

"And that's called the felony lane, so that's how the crews got their name."

Hogan says this isn't new to the area, but adds the recent arrests are a reminder to lock car doors and to not leave valuables in your car.


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