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Adventure Aquarium's First-Ever Little Blue Penguin Chick Finally Has A Name

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) -- Adventure Aquarium's first-ever little blue penguin chick has a new name.

Following an online vote where hundreds took part, the names Elanor and Tuatahi were tied. The Birds and Mammals team had to break it with a final staff vote.

Blue Penguin Chick Hatches At Adventure Aquarium

The winning name was Elanora.

"The name Elanora, meaning 'home by the sea' or 'home by the water,' was the ultimate winner. Our staff is excited to start calling our little blue chick by her official name that our guests helped choose!" Michele Pagel, the aquarium's curator of Birds and Mammals, said in a statement.

Elanora hatched to first-time parents, Sheila and Goose, on the Little Blue Beach exhibit on Dec. 3. She is currently staying behind the scenes.

The little blue penguin chick will be reintroduced to the colony in the coming weeks after waterproof plumage has developed, allowing her the ability to swim in the exhibit.

An official announcement will be made when Elanora makes her public debut.

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