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Additional GWB Lane Closure Documents Released

By Matt Rivers

SAYREVILLE, N.J, (CBS) – Tonight, major questions about what Governor Chris Christie knew about the New Jersey Bridge scandal could soon be answered.

CBS 3 is pouring through thousands of pages of newly released documents that may shed light on who was behind the apparently politically-motivated traffic jams (See Related Story).

Just a few hours ago, between 3,000 and 5,000 pages were released, and while CBS 3 is still going through it, we have noticed a few new items of importance.

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Let's start with David Wildstein.  He was the Christie appointee at the Port Authority.  Documents provided by Wildstein in a subpoena request have implicated him and others in intentionally shutting access lanes to the George Washington Bridge in September.  But more documents released today show something else.  A month before the shutdown, Wildstein texted an unknown person about trying to set up a meeting between Governor Christie and David Samson, the chairman of the Port Authority.  This is interesting because Wildstein was only instructed to provide information relevant to the lane closures.

"His attorney and Mr. Wildstein both felt that this has to do with the lane closures, a meeting between the governor and David Samson," State Assembly Deputy Speaker John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) said.

Assemblyman Wisniewski subpoenaed these documents, and says while he doesn't know if the meeting happened or what was possibly said, he'd like to find out.  Also released today an email that Fort Lee police were upset about the traffic problems.

It reads, in part:

"We fielded 10 or so angry customers regarding there being only 1 toll lane available for Fort Lee and I had an unpleasant interaction with Fort Lee Police Chief and Asst Chief about congesting the borough..."

"...Their characterization was that the 'test' was a monumental failure.  Fort Lee is not happy."

The US Attorney's Office in New Jersey said Thursday that they are looking into possible federal crimes in the scandal.  For Wisniewski, it makes sense.

"It all seemed to me to point to at least some criminal liability," he said.

A little bit earlier Friday at Assemblyman Wisniewski's offices in Sayreville, he told CBS 3 he plans to subpoena more people involved in this case.  That will only happen though if the general assembly grants his committee subpoena power when it starts a new legislative session later this month.

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