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A Young Girl's Grown-Up Idea For Helping Others


By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (CBS) -- Madeline Hoffman, 11, loves to help others.

"I just like making people feel better," she says, smiling.

So when the Warminster schoolgirl's grandmother taught her how to sew, she decided put her newfound skills to good use by creating wheelchair and walker bags for those in need.

"We cut them out, then we sew them ourselves, and then what we do is we deliver them to different people," she explains.  "People use them to hold anything they need -- they can hold books and all sorts of stuff."

Last week, Madeline recruited volunteers at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service event, at Girard College, to sew dozens of the cloth sacks she calls "Buddee Bags."

"I call them Buddee Bags because it reminds me of my great-grandmother Buddee, who had a wheelchair and a walker," says Hoffman.  "She was always needing stuff."

Since July, Hoffman and her team of family and friends have donated dozens of Buddee Bags to senior centers and schools to be used by people of all ages.  She even received a Disney "Friends for Change" grant, which helped fund her effort.

You'll find Hoffman's Buddee Bags throughout Bucks County, but her kindness is spreading.

(Gregg:)   "How does it make you feel to do this for people?"
(Hoffman:)   "It makes me feel good...happy."

For more on Buddee Bags, to donate, or to request one of your own, go to


"Caring Community" main page


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