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A Realistic Diet For The Holiday Season

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Thanksgiving has come and gone and despite the advertisements that started weeks before turkey day, we are now officially into the holiday season.

A few bits of health advice. I am realistic. It is virtually impossible to ignore the potential treats that are either at home or in the workplace but you need to use judgment.

I will use my workplace, a hospital, as an example. I know it doesn't sound good but for full disclosure I will tell you that on each and every floor this time of year there is some candy tray or box that has been left for the nurses by patients and families. Nurses, being the caring people they are, leave them out for other hospital employees to enjoy.

As we head deeper into December, there is more candy and greater temptation. I have no doubt your workplace or home or friend's homes are not that different. The key is to be balanced. Enjoy an occasional treat but if you jump on every opportunity you will be packing on unwanted pounds. Just some food for thought for the holidays.

Reported By Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio Medical Editor

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