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7LB Giant Easter Egg Can Only Be Found In Delaware For Nearly $300

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) -- There's one chocolate egg that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth -- and it definitely won't fit in your Easter basket.

The one of a kind giant edible easter egg is only found at Govatos Chocolates in Wilmington, Delaware.

Nick's great-grandfather John, an immigrant from Greece, started his family's chocolate business in Delaware in 1894. Until this day, mostly everything is done by hand, as it was then, using the same copper kettles and marble tables for candy making.

"If these tables could talk, my God, the amount of candy that has been produced on these tables, it's ungodly," said John.

While there is plenty to savor, during the Easter season it's all about their chocolate easter eggs.

"We make many different types, from hollow filled... to actual coconut cream, buttercream, black walnut, which I don't think anyone in the country does," said John.

But there is one egg, in particular, that is EGGcellent for a large crowd, at about 7-pounds, for a whopping $295.

"The Number Six has been made ever since I can remember," said John. "There is a bottom, there is a top. They are hand decorated... and then after they are decorated, they are filled with assorted milk chocolates. Somewhere in the 50s, while my grandfather was alive, my uncle George, also a Greek, was an accomplished artist and he came up with the idea of these chocolate trees right here [decorations on the Number Six egg]."

The one of a kind Number Six egg has been bought by churches, companies, and sometimes as a raffle item, but we were also told that one of their customers, whose name can not be revealed, has their secretary come in every year to pick up a Number Six egg.

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