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14-Year-Old Boy Crashes SUV Into Manayunk Boutique

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The plywood boards going up on the Nicole Miller windows were not the kind of decorations Mary Dougherty had in mind for her store.

"We can replace the windows and the glass," said Dougherty, "but lives we can't replace."

It was not the kind of day she had in mind either.

"It was like something you can't make up," said Laura Hopgood, an employee at Mary Dougherty.

Saturday afternoon, the boutique women's clothing store looked like a movie stunt gone wrong after a Cadillac SUV crashed through the front of the store, backwards.

"I look and I see this car coming through the window," said Hopgood. "It was like a blockbuster movie."

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The car crushed the displays in the window and sent glass flying back into the store. But on a busy Saturday, the store was quiet for a moment. The only injuries were to the front window mannequin.

Police say the driver of the SUV was 14 years old. Employees say he was sorry for what he did.
"He was a young man," said Dougherty, "He shouldn't have been behind the wheel."

Reported by Oren Liebermann, CBS 3

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