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Police: 1 Dead, 3 Officers Injured In Trenton, Barricade Situation Ongoing

TRENTON, NJ (CBS) –SWAT team members surrounded a home in South Trenton Wednesday morning after a man was killed in a police-involved shooting.

Officials say around 6:20 am the U.S. Marshals NY/NJ Fugitive Task Force was attempting to serve a warrant on the 300 block of Centre street.

That's when shots rang out.

"While they were attempting to serve warrant they were fired on by a suspect inside the residence," said Lt. Stephen Varn, with the Trenton police. "Task force officers backed out of the house while under fire during which time an individual that was outside was struck by gunfire."

Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson called the incident a "senseless shooting".

"He was standing by and was a victim of a senseless shooting, said Jackson. "So we're dealing with his family and trying to keep them informed as well as members of the community informed as to what's going on."

Authorities said during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon that three Mercer County sheriff's deputies went to the hospital with minor injuries. They have since been released.

Also during the press conference, police said a 7-year-old was trapped across the street for most of the day and was finally reunited with his mother this afternoon.

Police have not identified the victim or said whether he was associated with the raid or just an innocent bystander.

He remained outside for some time as authorities tried negotiating the surrender of the suspect.

An armored vehicle transported SWAT members around the scene as they communicated to the suspect over a loud speaker.

In the afternoon two robots approached the door of the home, one with a plastic bag that contained an item about the size of a cell phone.

Dozens of neighbors watched from about a block and a half away, many of them were evacuated from their homes.

Carmella Newson says her kids woke her up after they heard gunshots. She walked outside to see the victim's body in the street, and knew she had to get out of the situation right away.

"Majority of this block is full of kids so anything can happen. Bullet could come through your window, through your wall, anything"

Pilot Roseman says he saw the victim laying in the street.

"There were five gunshots. They were loud, woke me up. I come to see what was going on, and I see a body in the street. I come to find out that was a bystander caught in the crossfire. The shooter was friend of mine, went to school with me. He went in the building where he lives, and he's been there since."

As of 12:30 a.m. Thursday, negotiations with the suspect were ongoing.



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