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'I Can't Believe I Get To Be One Of The First Protagonist Arab Muslims': Zeeko Zaki On CBS' 'FBI' & Dick Wolf

(CBS Local)-- Zeeko Zaki is focused on being present and living in the moment.

He certainly has a lot to think about as season two of "FBI" returns to CBS on Tuesday, September 24. This is the biggest role and show of Zaki's career and he appreciative of having the time to grow in front of the audience.

"The whole thing I learned from season one to season two is the audience is on board with watching me grow," said Zaki in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "The character lined up with me personally... he just joined the FBI and I just joined the show. Hopefully they're down to stick with me through the journey, because I need them.

Zaki also carried the responsibility of being a leading Egyptian man on a network show. This show doesn't run away from serious topics and Zaki says the first episode of this season jump right into the deep end.

"One of the things I learned about the FBI is they never wake up and say why am I doing this," said Zaki. "There's no existential crisis in their line of work. I don't think that exists in every job. The topics are so nice when they are more real because you do have an opportunity to show or tell that story through a different perspective. I can't believe I get to be one of the first protagonist Arab Muslims. It's great and the pressure there keeps you going."

Catch "FBI" Tuesday nights on CBS at 9pm EST/PST starting September 24.

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