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Does Singer, Songwriter Alex Aiono Fall In Love Easily?

1010 WINS -- With over half a billion views and millions of followers across his social media platforms, singer/songwriter Alex Aiono has taken the world by song.

Before his "Feels Like Tour" kicks off in January, Alex stopped by The Trend with Rebecca Granet to tell us all about it, as well as his songwriting process and much more.

"I really wanted to release a song that had the reality, that feeling of falling in love the real way because I feel like everybody is different," Alex said when asked about writing the song Does It Feel Like Falling.  "Some people do fall in love and if you fall in love and it's rainbows and butterflies and it's great all the time, all the power to you. But it's not as realistic, you know? Every time I've fallen in love with somebody it's been rough and jagged and it wasn't necessarily right. Or maybe I didn't think I was going to fall in love with somebody and it hit me out of nowhere and so all of those emotions I feel like get captured into the song."

When asked if he falls in love easily and how many times he's been in love, Alex says he definitely falls for girls easily but doesn't fall in love easily.

You're only 21, Alex. Don't worry -- you have plenty of time to fall in love!

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