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You Go Girl: Quick-Thinking College Student That Snapped Pic Of Groper Speaks Out

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- She's a fearless college student who bravely took on a subway groper!

Shyane DeJesus turned the tables on him by not only fighting back, but also by snapping a picture of him.

"I kicked him like that, I was punching him like that, and I aimed at his nose," DeJesus told CBS 2's John Slattery on Thursday.

DeJesus, 22, was on the Union Square platform waiting for the "6" train when a man approached her. She said he initially rubbed up against her, but then started to grope her.

"He just went for it. He grabbed my left shoulder, pushed my head forward, lifted my dress, groped me and from there I went crazy. I punched him in the face," DeJesus said.

She said as the train doors opened, the man went in and sat down like nothing happened. So she followed him onto the train.

"So, I yelled out on the train, 'He groped me on the train! Watch out for this man,'" DeJesus said. "And anger was just in me and I just ran down the car, kicking him and punching him."

Then, as they approached a stop, she took out her phone and took his photo.

"I wasn't sure if I got a good picture. My hand was shaking, and I gave him one last hit in the face.  And I got off the rain and called police," DeJesus said.

She said what surprised her was that other people, neither on the platform nor on the train, including men, looked away.

"I'm not expecting a man to go hit him. Nobody did anything," DeJesus said.

Going after an attacker can be risky behavior, but this woman has no second thoughts.

"I feel good. I told friends and they said, 'You go girl.'  And I'm like, yeah," DeJesus said.

While the investigating detectives did not applaud the young woman's response, they were thankful she had the presence of mind to get his picture.

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