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You Didn't Think Bloomberg Would Go Quietly? Tanning Salons Next On Hit List

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- As we've seen in the past, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has launched assaults on smoking and on trans-fats and sugary drinks.

Now it's tanning salons, CBS 2's John Slattery reported Monday.

In what may be his last major initiative before leaving office, Bloomberg plans to clamp down on tanning salons.

"All it is, is telling the dangers," the mayor said.

During the Columbus Day parade Monday, out in the sun, the mayor confirmed he will ask the Board of Health to put new restrictions on tanning salons.

The Health Department would:

* Require operators of UV equipment to undergo training

* Crack down on unlicensed operators

* Inspect tanning salons, UV machines and timers, at least once every two years

* Enforce the law that bars adolescents under 17 from tanning shops

* Launch a public education campaign warning of the dangers of too much UV radiation

"Tell you what the problems are. Tell you how you can avoid getting sick or worse and do what you want," Bloomberg said.

Outside a Manhattan salon on Monday, the reaction was mixed.

"People need to be educated about the risks," one woman said.

"I think there are a lot more important issues at hand," a man added.

With skin cancer the most common form of cancer, one skin specialist said UV exposure, whether indoors or out, is risky business.

"We frequently ask people the most dangerous activity in the summer. Most don't realize it's going out in the sun," Dr. Richard Bezozo said.

The Board of Health will take up the issue on Tuesday. Then, after public hearings, the new rules would go into effect next spring, just in time for the summer sun.

New York is not alone. New Jersey and Connecticut also have regulations that do not allow children under 17 to frequent tanning salons.

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