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Many Yogis Turning To Breweries As Unconventional Place Of Practice

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Many yogis are grabbing their mats and finding nirvana in the most unusual of places -- beer breweries.

Carlos Vargas recently had his first time trying the physical and spiritual practice beloved by many. What was the most difficult part?

"Probably the dog … with the leg back thing? That was pretty rough," Vargas told CBS2's Meg Baker.

Yoga advocates say the venue choice may encourage more people to consider taking up the practice.

"We're making yoga really accessible for a lot of people who wouldn't normally set foot in a yoga studio," yoga instructor Shelah David said.

Yogis can now practice with the scent of hops in the air, and stay for a post-Savasana, or "corpse pose," brew with classmates.

"I did it because the girlfriend wanted me to come, and oh yeah, free beer," Vargas added.

"It's always nice to get a buzz after working out," Chris Taylor, another yoga participant, said.

The classes also offer a cozier environment than some yoga studios where many run out at the door at the end without talking to a single soul.

"The men who think they don't love yoga may love it in the end," yoga instructor Heather Silva said.

Singles could even meet a potential partner. After all, participants already have two things in common: beer and yoga.

"Look at this class, it's heavily women ... probably 30-70 women to men in craft beer men to women, and this is certainly going to help, without a doubt," Miami Brewing Owner Peter Schnebly said.

Yogis, experienced and new, are becoming more flexible with the idea of stretching out and giving "bottoms up for downward dog" a new meaning.

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