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Yankees' Michael Pineda Has Shoulder Tear; Will Miss 2012 Season

NEW YORK (WFAN) - The Yankees have announced that Michael Pineda has an anterior labral tear on his right shoulder, and will miss the entire 2012 season.

He's scheduled to undergo arthroscopic surgery on Tuesday.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said that the MRI taken at the time of Pineda's trade from the Mariners showed no signs of a shoulder tear. Another MRI taken this spring produced similar results.

Cashman told reporters that he believes the injury occurred during the last pitch of his last rehab outing.

"In no way do I believe the Seattle Mariners had any knowledge [of the injury]," Cashman said. "He was a fully healthy player when we acquired him. This is just an unfortunate circumstance."

Prior to his last rehab outing, Pineda "tested out strong as a bull." According to Cashman there was a change in his physical testing after the 15-pitch outing last Friday.

Yankees team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad told reporters it will be 12 months until Pineda is a "capable player," if all goes well.

"His rotator cuff is not injured," Ahmad said. "It looks very, very good. This is isolated to his labrum. That's why we feel more optimistic about him having a good result. Based on what we know, we are optimistic that we can get him recovered."

How much will losing Pineda for 2012 hurt the Yankees?

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