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Yankee Stadium, Citi Field To Seat Fans In Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Sections, Offer Shots And Free Tickets

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The road to recovery will also include baseball. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that Yankees and Mets games will allow full capacity in some areas of their ballparks.

For some, it will feel like a real game once again. Starting May 19, Yankee Stadium and Citi Field will have certain sections set aside for those who are vaccinated. In those areas social distancing restrictions will be lifted, though all fans will still be required to wear a mask. And, as CBS2's Steve Overmyer reported, there is also a new incentive.

The teams are trying to help build on the 58% of eligible New Yorkers who have already received a vaccine shot. Starting in a few weeks, fans will be able to get a Johnson & Johnson single-dose shot at both ballparks, plus get a free ticket to the game.

"We're all in on this. We're excited to be part of this. We're excited to have more and more fans in the building because our players love it," Yankees president Randy Levine said.

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On Tuesday night, there was high volume inside Yankee Stadium during the game against the Houston Astros, and that was with limited capacity throughout all sections.

"New Yorkers are not a shy crowd. They don't sit and clap politely. They let you know that they're there," Cuomo said.


The Yankees and Mets have been on the leading edge of vaccinations since they've become available. Both ballparks have offered them, even during games.

"We are currently vaccinating at Citi Field approximately 2,000 individuals a day. We are in the process of opening a drive-thru lane," Mets president Sandy Alderson said.

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Fans who have been fully vaccinated will get to sit in sections where social distancing is completely eliminated.

"Fans are what make the game. Fans are also what make memories. And they make memories for players as well as themselves," Alderson said.


Right now, fans are seated in pods, but future tickets will be marked vaccinated or unvaccinated. So if season ticket holders don't have everyone in their group vaccinated, they could be moved to a different section, Overmyer reported.

"Baseball goes every day and it really presents a sense of normalcy. We're like an ongoing story every single day. Some days are good, some days are bad. You just hope you there are more good days than bad days," Levine said.

More good days are on the horizon. In addition, the ballparks will be lifting the requirement to prove you have a negative test.

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