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Wrestling Legends Diamond Dallas Page And Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Practice DDP Yoga

NEW YORK (WLNY) -- With WrestleMania dominating the headlines this week, we had two wrestling legends join us for Thursday's Fit Minute.

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Diamond Dallas Page is the driving force behind the smash hit workout "DDP Yoga."

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As he explains, the secret to the fitness program is dynamic resistance. It's a technique he discovered almost accidentally.

"My career didn't take off until I was 40. At 42, I blew my back out so bad...[yoga] was all I good do," DDP said.

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, one of the biggest names, said DDP Yoga changed his life.

"It helped my battle with addictions," he said. "Doing DDP yoga released my endorphins, which you gotta have to keep you happy and keep you moving in life."

Roberts lost 62 pounds in six months on the program.

The two wrestling legends will be appearing at "Wrestlecon" over the weekend.  an event featuring legendary wrestlers over the weekend. For information on DDP Yoga, click here.

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