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'World's Strongest Girl' Shows Off Her Power Lifting Skills At N.J. Home

FAIR LAWN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- The world's strongest girl is alive and well and living in om the Garden State suburbs.

Naomi Kutin looks and acts like the typical 10-year-old, but she's anything but typical.

A YouTube video shot last week shows Kutin dead lifting 215 pounds. Kutin is a world-class power lifter, who first set the record last July.

"For all women 97 pounds and lower, she can squat the most weight in the whole world," said Kutin's mom, Neshama.

The girl's father, Ed Kutin, said his daughter "Started off with low weights, but advanced very quickly and was actually breaking records from the first time she started lifting."

You would expect a world record holder to belong to a fancy gym, but Kutin works out in her home with her dad.

Kutin did some power squats for CBS 2's Emily Smith on Tuesday, beginning with what she considers a breeze -- 65 pounds -- and then went up to 185 pounds.

The lifting, however, does beg the question of whether such activity is safe.

Dr. Jordan Metzl said as a sports medicine doctor, watching Kutin on YouTube has him worried.

"What I tell my patients is if the kids can't lift the weight 15 times comfortably, it's too much weight," he told CBS 2's Smith.

Dr Metzl said children have growing bones and too much pressure can break surrounding growth plates and lead to intense pain as an adult.

The Kutins aren't worried about that. They said their daughter has perfect form and plan to pass along her expertise when she's all grown up.

Kutin's dad held the world record in his weight class, dead lifting 617 pounds. Her little brother is 9 years old and can squat 176 pounds.

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