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Elderly woman missing, son injured after house fire in Woodbridge, N.J.

Woman missing after massive house fire in Woodbridge, New Jersey
Woman missing after massive house fire in Woodbridge, New Jersey 02:08

WOODBRIDGE, N.J. - Prosecutors said a woman is still missing and her son was treated for injuries after a fire at their New Jersey home Friday morning. 

Investigators said the massive fire ripped through the home on Greenbrook Avenue in the Keasbey section of Woodbridge shortly after 6:30 a.m. 

The fire was so intense flames could be seen shooting out of the roof. 

"There was, like, an explosion. Something blew up," Woodbridge resident Victor Cabrero said. 

Responding firefighters could be seen battling the blaze before prosecutors said the roof collapsed. 

Investigators said a male resident was able to get out, but his elderly mother was still missing. 

Rosa Cruz said she saw the son outside covered in soot from the fire. 

"He was like, 'She's in there.' So while I'm talking to him, his shirt is literally catching on fire, I am over here patting him out," Cruz said. 

Cruz said she and the son tried to save his mom, who is believed to be in her 80s. 

"We tried to open that door, but that door did not even wanna budge, and we just had to leave. It's just crazy 'cause he kept saying his mom is there. I just don't understand," Cruz said. 

Investigators had to bring in a cadaver dog to search the house. 

Neighbor Alberta Balasic said she knows the woman and her son well. 

"She was just a fixture of the neighborhood. Her son, also. He did the shopping for her," Balasic said. 

Balasic said she helped the woman, who had a hard time getting around. She also said the woman's son, who escaped the flames, made money selling metal. 

"He was by himself all the time, just walking. He would collect metal and walk to south Amboy with a cart," Balasic said.

The home was leveled Friday afternoon.

While there are rumors in the neighborhood on what may have led to the fire, investigators said they still have not determined a cause.

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