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NYPD Searching For Woman Seen Pushing Subway Rider Toward Oncoming Train In Times Square

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Police are searching for a suspect they say pushed a 42-year-old woman into an incoming train during the morning rush Monday at a subway station in Times Square.

Sources told CBS2 the victim was pushed from the platform as the train approached the station. Sources added it is believed to be an unprovoked attack.

The incident happened at around 8 a.m. on the uptown platform for the 1, 2 and 3 trains.

"People are wicked to be able to push someone on a moving train, and for what? I don't know, but it's horrible," passenger CJ Stewart told CBS2's Aundrea Cline-Thomas.

Police taped off the area where the victim stood before she was taken to the hospital, and officers questioned a few riders to see what they knew.

subway push suspect
Police are searching for a suspect who pushed a 42-year-old woman into an incoming train during the morning rush Monday at a subway station in Times Square. (Credit: NYPD)

"We're all usually in our phones and stuff, or listening to music. So we're not always 100% aware," Brooklyn resident Bryana Yard said.

"It's terrifying. Usually, I try to stand back, I try to stand far from the edge of the train. Often, I'm with my kids, so I'm very safe," said Brooklyn resident Erin O'Hara.

"When I'm on the subway platform I make sure that I'm ready to grab something," rider Barbara Maccaro told CBS2's Cory James, adding she has no choice but to take the train to and from work each day. "It would be nicer if we saw more police on the platforms because I think then that would eliminate some of the problems we do see."

Charlton D'souza with Passengers United held a press conference on Monday night. He said 185 members of the grassroots organization are fighting to better public transit conditions, and he believes the MTA needs more than local law enforcement support.

"We need state troopers. I'm calling on Gov. Kathy Hochul to give us 100 to 200 state troopers and to bring down about 100 National Guardsman, because, right now, the NYPD is short staffed on security. They don't have enough security to possibly do patrols down here," D'souza said.

In a statement, the NYPD said it "on a day-to-day basis, remains flexible and ever prepared to reallocate its personnel to address crime conditions and keep riders safe."

Some riders said they feel an unprovoked attack like Monday's could happen to anyone, and as police search for the suspect who took off -- believed to be a woman in her 20s -- they said the incident should serve as a reminder of why it is important to be aware of your surroundings.

"It just puts into perspective like what we should do to protect one another," rider Kendrick Scorza said.

"Definitely a good reminder to keep your eyes peeled and be on your toes in New York," West Village resident Tyler Sparling said.

The victim suffered injuries to her face but is expected to survive.

CBS2's Aundrea Cline-Thomas and Cory James contributed to this report.

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