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Woman In Viral Series Of TikTok Videos Finds Secret Room In New York City Apartment

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A series of TikTok videos that started when a woman made a strange discovery in her New York City apartment has captivated millions.

Like a scary movie, her story started with a mysterious breeze, CBS2's Steve Overmyer reported Thursday.

"So I walk into my bathroom and... I feel cold air blowing on me," the woman, Samantha, said in a video. "You can see my hair blowing in the cold wind."

The suspense built when she found the source.

"And the air is coming from the mirror... Let me show you what I found," said Samantha.

More than 10 million people have viewed her journey. Some reminded her that a hole to a room behind a mirror is the plot of the 1992 film "Candyman."

"There's a room back there... I have to go in... What if someone's living in there?" Samantha said as the videos continued.

Samantha had seen enough scary movies to know not to investigate the unknown unprepared. She wore a flashlight on her forehead, like a miner's cap.

The plot thickened as she squeezed through the hole.

"Oh my God," she said.

The final video revealed there was not just a room behind the mirror. There was an entire apartment.

Trash bags and even a water bottle inside suggested she might not be alone.

"OK, so there's signs of life," Samantha said.

After exiting the front door, Samantha rejoiced in surviving the experience.

"Made it out alive!" she said.

Then it sank in. The apartment next door is connected through a hole in the wall.

Samantha plans on cementing the mirror to the wall until the hole is fixed.

"My landlord is getting a really fun phone call tomorrow," she said.

Let's just hope the landlord's name isn't Candyman.

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