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Woman demands justice after she says man attacked her and fatally wounded her dog in Prospect Park

Woman wants justice after she says man attacked her and fatally injured her dog in Prospect Park
Woman wants justice after she says man attacked her and fatally injured her dog in Prospect Park 02:10

NEW YORK -- A woman says she and her dog were attacked in a park in Brooklyn and days later, the dog died.

She shared with CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis how this changed her perspective on city safety.

"My world is shattered. My dog was my world," the woman named Jessica said on Tuesday.

The devastated dog mom didn't want to face cameras as she described her unexpected last days with her beloved 2 1/2-year-old adopted pup, "Moose."

"It's one thing when your dog dies when they're old and you can make peace with that, but he was not. We had so much more time," Jessica said.

She said the pair were on their usual Wednesday morning stroll through Prospect Park, near the Picnic House, when they came across a gentleman she sees often in the park but has never spoken to.

He was rifling through garbage. Jessica and Moose were across the way waiting to cross the bike path.

"He began to spray us with what I later learned was urine. He chased us with what is a very long pole/stick that is wooden that he carries recycling on and just was swinging it wildly at us," Jessica said. "He was muttering about immigrants taking over the park."

As she tried to escape up the stairs, she says he hit her in the back and Moose across the face.

"He also apparently hit him on the side, that later penetrated one of his intestines and he went septic," Jessica said.

Moose didn't make it through his second emergency surgery Sunday, leaving Jessica heartbroken and, for the first time as a city resident, concerned about safety.

"I've never felt unsafe, until now," Jessica said. "There should be a cop car in the parking lot 24 hours until they get him. I just want ... I want justice for my dog and I want people to be safe."

There have not yet been any arrests in this case, but the NYPD said the Animal Cruelty Squad is investigating.

The Parks Department said its officers patrol the park daily and work closely with the NYPD.

In part, the Parks Department said in a statement, "Our hearts go out to the victim of this deeply upsetting incident. We are cooperating with NYPD on this investigation. We are committed to ensuring that our parks are safe for all New Yorkers."

DeAngelis was told a homeless encampment was cleared out Tuesday with a task force cleanup, but it's not clear if it has anything to do with the suspect in this case. 

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