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Witness: Gunfire Erupts At Roosevelt, Long Island Fourth Of July Block Party

ROOSEVELT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- A Fourth of July block party on Long Island turned into a crime scene.

As CBS2's Cory James reported Sunday night, police didn't give much information about the incident, but the Nassau County Police Department Homicide Unit's trailer was on the scene on Hudson Avenue in Roosevelt. Just feet away, detectives and investigators were focusing on a home that had balloons outside in its driveway.

The shooting happened not far from the Roosevelt Public Library. James spoke to a neighbor who said she was in the stairway of her apartment building, which is not too far away from the home, when she heard gunshots go off.

"It's unfortunate. I just seen the rush of the crowd going around the corner, coming around. As I was coming downstairs, I heard, in my stairway, I heard I heard shots. And I said those don't sound like firecrackers," the woman said. "As I opened my apartment door to come to the street, I seen a whole rush of people come running around the corner. So I stepped back and then a couple of people ran and they were screaming, like hurt. Not like they were shot but like they knew somebody who got shot, like 'No! No!' and it was intense, so I went back in my building," one woman said.

It is unclear how many people were shot or if the shooter was apprehended.

UPDATE: Man Killed, 2 Hospitalized In Fourth Of July Block Party Shooting On Long Island

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