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NYC Hits Record High Temperatures As Many Take Advantage Of Warm Weather

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- New York City hit record highs Wednesday, as temperatures stretched into the 70s.

By midday, it was 78 degrees in the city, breaking the previous record of 68 that was set back in 1930. In fact, it was the warmest temperature ever recorded in February in Central Park, CBS2's Elise Finch reported.

Many people were already out early, taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather.

"There's nothing like taking advantage of warm weather in the morning," said runner Chris Bulla. "Your muscles are so much more pliable a lot faster -- it's fantastic."

"I guess I might sneak away from the desk a bit and work outside if I can," said bicyclist Derrick Lewis. "Take advantage of this."

Pushing his roasted nuts cart across 9th Avenue, Donald Graham was ready to make a profit.

"There's more people out on the streets," he said. "The more the merrier and the better chance you have of getting customers. Should be a good day today."

"I bought ice cream. It dripped all over me," one man told Finch.

"I'm enjoying the beautiful weather. I'm all sweaty," a woman added.

Strollers, and those inside them, were also enjoying the unseasonable weather.

"They love it. They were looking at all the horse carriages going by," one grandmother said.

"It's the first time those little feet are out," another woman added.

Central Park's Sheep Meadow was still closed for the season, but park-goers shed their coats and hats.

"It's definitely distracting for me. I didn't get anything done today, just been outside," said one woman.

"I'm just worried that it's going to go right back to 20 degrees, 30 degrees," a man said.

And runners left their layers behind.

"I've really been waiting for a long time," one woman said.

"It may be on the warm side of them. They like it a little cooler," said a man.

The park's paths looked like a happy version of rush hour.

"It's madness. The busiest I've ever seen it," said one woman.

"It's just fun, enjoy now," a man said.

At the Crossroads of the World, tourists were taking in the bright lights in light jackets.

"It's beautiful, I love it," one sanitation worker told 1010 WINS' John Montone.

"I love it, it couldn't be better," a Swedish tourist said while checking out Times Square. "I thought it was going to be cold but it's actually perfect."

"It's so warm, it's such a nice surprise. The birds are out, it's just so gorgeous out," said Pam who was out walking her dog along the Hudson River in Chelsea.

But the winter warm-up won't last long. Highs on Thursday are expected to dip back down into the 40s.

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