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Winter Games Offer More Than Just Sport, As Jeongseon Market In Gangwon Shows

While much of the globe's focus in February 2018 will be on the Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, those who travel to the Gangwon Province know there is so much more to do there than watch world-class athletes compete in amazing events.

It may seem hard to believe, but Gangwon is home to many fantastic adventures for visitors, including the Jeongseon "Five-Day" Market. This is a fully authentic South Korean experience in terms of culture, entertainment and lifestyle that occurs six times a month. You won't want to miss this when you are in Gangwon.

Official market days occur every five days, on dates that end in a "2" or a "7." — hence, the nickname above. On those days in the market, traditional South Korean music and dance performances liven up the atmosphere as merchants and customers alike mingle in an open-air venue that has something for everyone.

The stalls are actually open every day of the week, however, and the Jeongseon Market features fresh, local produce — including an assortment of delicious vegetables—as well as prepared foods for everyone in your group to enjoy and savor. So you don't have to wait five days between visits to enjoy what the vendors are selling.

Some of the most popular products the Jeongseon Market offers are the abundance of medical herbs and spices unique to Gangwon and the surrounding region. The prices are reasonable, and many customers travel here — local and global — to specifically purchase these medicinal wonders of nature.

Like any good market around the world, this one is a great place to "people watch" as well, with visitors from all over the world. Not only is Gangwon attracting athletic fans in 2018, but every year, year-round, it's a vacation spot with so much to offer. So at any time of the year, the Jeongseon Market is a great place to visit and enjoy so much that it has to offer.

Watching the Winter Games certainly will help build the appetite for most of us spectators, and the Jeongseon "Five-Day" Market is a destination you won't leave hungry. If you're in Gangwon for the Pyeongchang events, this definitely an experience you won't want to miss while in South Korea.

For more information on the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games, please visit or to check out Gangwon's official Facebook page.

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