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Man's Electronic Wheelchair Stolen After Passing Out At Midtown Chase Bank

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A man's special electronic wheelchair was stolen after he passed out at a Chase Bank in Midtown last Friday.

CBS2's Mark Morgan reported Wednesday that William Brown, who suffers from Becker's muscular dystrophy, fainted and lost consciousness at the bank. He was then taken to Lenox Hill Hospital, but his motorized wheelchair was left behind.

"It's an appendage. It's part of me, and they gave it away," Brown, who hasn't walked in 16 years and is slowly losing arm function, said. "That's what I'm saying, it feels like I lost a loved one."

Brown said Chase bank officials told him they would hold it for someone to pick it up, but that someone turned out to be just an acquaintance.

"They said they gave it to the person we normally see him with," Brown explained. "They said they gave it to my brother."

Brown said the men he was talking to in the bank were just acquaintances, not friends or family.

Chase said in a statement that Brown is often seen in the bank with those individuals.

"It is our understanding that the man who was given the wheelchair regularly accompanies the customer and assists with the customer's transactions at this branch location. It is also our understanding that the customer previously identified this person as his brother to branch employees on multiple occasions," Chase said.

"I'm confused, and it hurts, and I don't know what to do for the first time in my life," Brown said.

Lenox Hill Hospital has given Brown a regular wheelchair, but he is unable to use it due to lack of arm strength.

Chase officials are continuing to review surveillance video of the night in question for further clues as to who may have Brown's wheelchair.

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