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What Is Cherpumple?

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away and many of us will experience the yearly dilemma over which dessert to have.

Will it be cherry pie? Apple pie? How about a slice of pumpkin pie?


Geoffrey Fowler explains Cherpumple to WCBS 880

Geoffrey Fowler of the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece about a recipe that solves all your problems. It's called Cherpumple.

Fowler spoke with WCBS 880 Tuesday to explain exactly what Cherpumple is and how he found out about it.

"I hope you're hungry because this is a lot of dessert," Fowler said. "Cherpumple is basically the turducken of desserts."

Fowler explains Cherpumple is six desserts in one: cherry pie baked inside a white cake, a pumpkin pie baked inside a yellow cake and an apple pie baked inside a spice cake. All of the layers are then stacked and sealed with cream cheese frosting.

To read Fowler's piece on Cherpumple click here. And if you want to try to bake this "monster" pie/cake, creator Charles Phoenix walks you through it in this video.

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