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WFAN's Boomer Esiason Takes Issue With Santonio Holmes' Comments

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) –  WFAN's Boomer Esiason's response to comments made by Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes was simple and blunt, "Santonio Holmes should just shut his mouth publicly."

Listen: Boomer sounds off on Holmes

Holmes, who has this year emerged as an outspoken captain, again publicly highlighted his concerns with the unit yesterday, including its scoring output, the play of the offensive line and the lack of deep balls.

"I may be criticized again for saying it, but I think it starts up front, and the big guys know it," Holmes said. "If they give Mark [Sanchez] enough time to sit in the pocket and complete passes, I think everything changes. The routes that are being ran are short routes, 'Hey, let's get the ball out of Mark's hands quick, let's move the ball down the field, let's go from there.'

"But if you can't protect the quarterback for four or five seconds, then there's no point of dropping back 7 yards to throw a football when we don't have enough time. So we pretty much have to roll with the way our offense is right now."

The former NFL quarterback took exception to Holmes' remark. "Four or five seconds? That shows how out of touch he is."

"When I played if a wide receiver ever would have done this one of my offensive linemen would have went right up to him and punched him right in the mouth," Esiason said. "It would've been a fracas in the locker room.

"Everybody wants to be an armchair coach, everybody wants to be a psychologist, everyone wants to discuss what's wrong with the team. We all know what's wrong. The coaches know what's wrong. No reason for Santonio Holmes to go out there and amplify this problem anymore than what it is."

Holmes' captaincy is was also Esiason's concern. "The fact that Rex Ryan gave this jackass a 'C' and put it on his chest is an absolute affront to what being a captain is all about."

The Jets (2-3) have lost three straight on the road and have a game against the winless Miami Dolphins (0-4) on Monday night.

"The last thing you need is somebody like this spouting his mouth off before a huge game Monday night."

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