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Westchester Turns To Robot To Scare Away Geese

ARDSLEY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) - Remember the Terminator - Arnold Schwarzenegger's scary futuristic cyborg? Well, in Westchester County, they have the Goosinator.

It's a radio-controlled device used to shoo away geese.

It is bright orange, has a propeller on the front, and can move on land and in the water, even on snow or ice.

The geese take off when they see it coming.

Westchester Turns To Robot To Scare Away Geese

"He's a cute little thing," said Kylie Blackman with Animal Defenders of Westchester of the device.

Goosinator Goose Chaser by GreatGoosinator on YouTube

She praised the county parks department for turning to the little robot in its efforts to get rid of geese who foul grassy fields with their droppings.

Last summer, the county rounded up and killed 500 geese at a Yonkers golf course and turned the birds into burgers for the homeless.

At a meeting at parks headquarters yesterday, there was a pledge to stick with non-lethal means for dealing with nuisance geese.

Blackman told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams that Mamaroneck is also having success with a vacuum that clears fields of goose droppings and turns the waste into compost.

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