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Wedding Photographer's Ridiculous Picture of Guest Goes Viral

1010 WINS-Out of all the guests at a wedding, it's best to befriend the photographer.

Mike Tague thought he had a grand time at a friend's wedding in Pennsylvania alongside his boyfriend Andrew who went along with him. That is until he got a hold of the photos from the night.

While his boyfriend looked normal in the photo, Mike's head was a just a little different than usual.

After posting the photo to Twitter asking, "ok so did I do something to offend the wedding photographer?" the snap has been liked and retweeted hundreds of thousands of times. To top it all off, the responses he received ranged from all-out agreement to photos and memes pointing out how ridiculous he looks in the shot.

Luckily Mike's normal-sized head was captured in other photos from the evening and it looks like he had a great time. This is a good lesson to all: Wedding photographers hold all the power!

But the question of the day is... should he or shouldn't he?

-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

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