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CBS2 Exclusive: N.J. Wedding Crashers Were On Their First Date

SPARTA, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Newlyweds in New Jersey have been trying to track down the wedding crashers who became the life of their wedding reception.

CBS2's Ali Bauman revealed their identities Friday in an exclusive interview.

Snapshots of the couple partying on the dance floor and a note reading, "congratulations, sorry for crashing your wedding and best of luck" with a dollar bill attached were all newlyweds Mike and Karen Tufo had to identify the total strangers who crashed their reception Sunday.

"We laughed. We were like, oh my gosh, we got wedding crashed. That's funny," Karen told Bauman. "I want to shake their hands and tell them, good job."

Once CBS2's original story aired, it wasn't long before the crashers came forward.

"I messaged her on Facebook apologizing. I was like I'm so sorry," Carly Wolfson said. "She was like, don't be sorry. Best gift ever."

Wolfson and Ritchie Barry were on their first date. It was a flirtatious game of "chicken," if you will.

"I didn't think he was going to go through with it. I was just like, I'm picking you up at this time, what's your address? Get ready!" Wolfson said. "And he came out all dressed up. So I was like, alright I guess we're doing this."

The duo planned their outfits, created a backstory involving a phony engagement ring and they almost got cold feet, Bauman reported.

"Come in right behind the bride, like literately right behind her," Wolfson said. "I freak out, shut the doors."

But they boldly found a seat at the table.

"I walked in and was like, oh there's no place for us at our table. So they put a seat down for us at the best man's table," she said.

After that, they threw caution to the wind.

"I was like, OK what would I do at a wedding? How do I fit in? Pulled up everybody at the table to come dancing," she said.

"In the center of the circle, just dancing all over the place, like right up in our face and photobombing every picture that we took," wedding guest Marisa Fatzer said.

They managed to avoid both the bride and groom, but left behind a clue.

"We always do a buck for good luck," Wolfson said. "And in case they remembered us, I put the Polaroid picture in there."

Karen told Bauman if all goes well for Wolfson and Barry, she'll have to crash their wedding. But something tells us she might get an invitation.

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