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'We Were In Shock': Alligator Pigs Out On Couple's Romantic Picnic Spread

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (CBS Local) -- An alligator rudely crashed a couple's picnic date in Florida last week and was caught on camera as it gobbled up their spread of food.

Taylor Forte said she had planned waterside date for Thursday before her fiancé Trevor Walters leaves for the Marines for 10 weeks. They had spread their food out by Lake Alice, a small lake on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville, when suddenly, a hungry gator appeared.

"[It] comes swimming up, right up to the bank and he just looks us dead in the eyes and then he immediately just sprints up onto the beach," Walters told CBS affiliate WGFL.

"We were in shock so we just like hauled tail the other way and watched it happen" Forte said.

"He annihilated an entire block of cheese, gobbled it down, lickety-split. The salami didn't stand a chance," said Walters.

The gator washed it down with half a watermelon and a pound of grapes. But it wasn't finished.

"We have this big bowl of [guacamole] made, he eats the whole bowl! He put the whole bowl in his mouth and just ahhhhh," Walters said.

The couple then decided it was time for the gator to go.

"So I learned this technique back in my childhood to scare away bears. You get up and make yourself big and like make loud noises to scare it away, it's called a bear scare," Walters said. "It really worked, the bear scare, for real."

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