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WATCH: TV Host Loses It When Caller Asks If Derek Jeter Might Join Indians

Bruce Drennan response to stupid question by Jamie Battaglia on YouTube

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- This might be the most entertaining thing you see all day.

On "All Bets Are Off," a sports-talk show on SportsTime Ohio hosted by Bruce Drennan, a caller asked if the Indians might sign or trade for Derek Jeter.

The question, of course, is a ridiculous one.

Not only is it unfathomable to think that the iconic Yankees shortstop would wear another uniform, but the five-time World Series champion is also ... uh ... retiring after this season.

Drennan's reaction is simply priceless.

The back-and-forth went like this:

Caller: "I was wondering what you think are the chances of Derek Jeter going to the Indians."

Drennan: "Would you repeat that, please?"

Caller: "I was wondering what you thought are the chances of Derek Jeter going to the Indians."

Drennan: "That's what I thought you said."

Caller: "What do you think?"

Drennan: "I think you're an idiot! That's what I think! Now I've heard it all! Oh baby! My version of a breaststroke, right there. What do I think about the chances of Derek Jeter coming to the Indians? That may be the dumbest, stupidest call and question I've ever encountered. I'm entering my 46th year on the air doing this, you know. That one may take the cake."

It doesn't get much better than this, folks. Plain and simple.

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