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WATCH: Comedian Artie Lange Rips A-Rod, Makes Red Sox Crack Up

Artie Lange Hates Alex Rodriguez | CONAN on TBS by Team Coco on YouTube

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Artie Lange, a dear friend of the Boomer & Carton program on WFAN, is a diehard Yankees fan.

So with the Red Sox having just won the World Series, you'd think he'd be down in the dumps.

Quite the opposite. The comedian is a fan of this current Boston bunch, and he joined Red Sox players Shane Victorino and Jonny Gomes on the set of "Conan" on Tuesday night. 

The dirty comic's focus during his segment? Hating A-Rod. Like, really hating A-Rod. Victorino and Gomes, sitting alongside the former Howard Stern sidekick, cracked up as Lange ripped Alex Rodriguez incessantly.

"I'm a Yankees fan, but I talked to these guys backstage, and like you two, I think A-Rod's a dirtbag," Lange told host Conan O'Brien. "I hate A-Rod, and I know these guys hate A-Rod. You can say no, whatever. I know the deal."

Lange then asked the ballplayers to do him a favor. Because he wants Rodriguez off the team, he wants to make him depressed. His master plan? Have Victorino and/or Gomes "bang" Cameron Diaz -- who the Yankees' third baseman formerly dated -- and then have them tweet a picture to A-Rod.

"He's not blue-collar like these guys," Lange told O'Brien. "...He's just a jerkoff. He makes $32 million a year, and he does the direct opposite of what we're paying him for. Like, we pay him to hit the baseball, and then in the playoffs he doesn't hit the baseball. He strikes out every single time.

"He's like the guy you pay to mow your lawn. And instead of coming over and mowing your lawn, he takes a dump on your lawn. And, the next day, he comes over and wants the money."

Lange kept going and going, and the Red Sox kept laughing and laughing.

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