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War sends demand for Ukrainian flag soaring: "They're using it show their solidarity"

Manufacturers on Long Island scrambling to meet demand for Ukrainian flags 02:01

HUNTINGTON, N.Y. - As the civilian population suffers in Ukraine, the flags of yellow and blue are billowing across this country. 

Flag manufacturers in Suffolk County tell CBS2's Jennifer McLogan the humanitarian crisis is leading to a huge demand that's difficult to meet. 

"It came out of nowhere," said Keith Feuer of Independence Bunting & Flag. "They're using it to show their solidarity with Ukraine and the people there." 

Stitching and sewing are soaring as demand for Ukraine's flag spikes across America. 

At a factory in Deer Park, they are answering the call coming in from textile processors, led by Glaser Mills of Huntington. 

"We provide fabric to flag and banner manufacturers across the country, and universally, every single one of them, is making Ukrainian flags right now," said Mike Glaser, president of Glaser Mills. 

Calls are skyrocketing for the Ukrainian yellow and blue. 

"In any given week we might sell 1,000-2,000 yards of those colors. Within the past couple of weeks we've sold 20,000 yards of those colors," Glaser said. 

Demand is off the charts. 

The Glaser family is reliving history. In 1938, the Nazis destroyed their linen store business in Germany, during the Night of Broken Glass. 

"My dad always talked about Kristallnacht. They saw it coming. But the Ukranians, maybe not so much," said Roy Glaser. 

The Glasers fled Berlin to Sweden and then to the U.S., where the patriarch founded the flag fabric company. 

In cooperation with the Flag Manufacturers of America, Glaser Mills has launched a matching fund to aid a not-for-profit distributing emergency medical supplies to Ukraine. 

The response has been overwhelming. 

"Maybe it will be good for this country, getting people to coalesce a little bit," Roy Glaser said. 

"Show the world that we stand with Ukraine," Feuer said. 

A comradery building among nations, with flags of hope leading the way. 

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