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VSCO Girls: Gen Z Trend Mixes Eco-Friendly Values, Instagram Pics And Hair Scrunchies

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Ever heard of VSCO Girls?

It's a new way Generation Z is taking over social media sites like Instagram and Tik Tok, reports CBS2's Cindy Hsu.

Urban Dictionary describes the term as referring to a young girl who wears oversized t-shirts or sweatshirts, always has a Hydro Flask and can't leave home without a hair scrunchie.

"I've tried to Google, I've tried to look it up, and it still does not make a lot of sense to me," said mother Jennifer Kenny.

Her sixth-grade daughter, Rachel, tries to help.

"Basically they're just like girls who are trying to help the environment in a way," she said.

"They say save the turtles a lot," said Annapaola Fike, another sixth-grader in on the trend.

The name VSCO comes from the VSCO app which helps you edit photographs.

The girls are normally teens and tweens who like certain clothes and accessories.

Peyton Gallagher and Lily Gottfried are VSCO girls Hsu found in Chelsea and explained the look.

"I have the shell necklace, the scrunchie Air Force 1s, Lululemon leggings," said Gottfried. "The hair is normally in a messy bun and the accessories are eco-friendly."

"We use things like metal straws because plastic straws aren't good, because turtles can choke and reusable water bottles like Hydro Flask here," said Gallagher.

They often say "...and I oop," which needs some translation.

"People also say an I ooop, which is like, let's say if I drop my Hydro Flask, now I'd be like oh! Ani oooop my Hydro Flask," said Gallagher.

If you hear "sksksksk...," that means they're laughing.

"I think it's absolutely ridiculous but what can I do," said Dara Gottfried. "I'm a mother and if that's the worst thing, then that's not so bad, right?"

Author and teen expert Karen Salmansohn agrees.

"It's warm-hearted and not one of these sexualized trends, so I think parents should be fine with it," she said. "It's pretty innocent and all in good spirit."

The girls say the VSCO trend got popular over the summer, so chances are it's almost over.

An Instagrm Peek Into The VSCO World











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