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'That Is A Monster': Video Shows Massive Alligator Interrupting Game At Georgia Golf Club

SAVANNAH, Ga. (CBS Local) -- A "monster" alligator took over the green on the 17th hole of a Georgia golf course on Sunday.

The lumbering reptile, which appeared to be about 9 or 10 feet long, "played through" at The Club at Savannah Harbor on Hutchinson Island.

Ed Vance, who captured the scene on his cellphone, said he was preparing to "chip up" onto the green when he heard a loud noise from the brush line.

"We all looked at each other and were asking what is that noise," Vance told The Island Packet. "At first, I thought it was the maintenance crew on the other side of the brush cutting it back or something."

"That is nuts," Vance said in the video after the giant beast rumbled through the brush and strode onto the green. "Dude, that is a monster. Look at the size of this thing."

The massive reptile took its time clearing the green. At one point, the alligator paused to bask in the sun near the hole before finally making its way back to the water.

"I will always remember the sound of his feet when he was walking on the green," Vance said. "The video doesn't pick it up, but the 'thud, thud, thud' sound was what you would think a dinosaur sounds like. It was surreal."

Vance, who is a member of the club, and said he sees alligators all the time. The course is just a few miles away from the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, a conservation area known for alligators.

"It did not appear to notice or care about us at all," he said. "It just wanted to get back to the pond."

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