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Caught On Camera: Police Release Video Of Gunmen Shooting Near Yonkers Playground, Wounding 12-Year-Old

YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – New video being released by police captured the shocking recklessness by a pair of gunmen who opened fire in Yonkers – one those bullets struck a young boy in the neck.

A camera at 73-83 Highland Avenue captured the Sept. 8 shooting.

Sept. 8 shooting in Yonkers that wounded a 12-year-old. (Credit: Yonkers Police Department/CBS2)

It was after midnight when two people with guns shot at a group near the front entrance.

The second suspect is almost in the line of fire as the first suspect shoots. As that gunman walks away, the second raises his weapon and fires one round.

"If you look at the recklessness and how calm the shooters were, these are people who may be capable of doing this again," Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller said.

The video shows people hanging out on playground equipment fleeing after the first shot.

It does not show 12-year-old Denim Jones, who was closer to the building. He took a stray bullet to the neck.

Yonkers child shot
Denim Jones (Photo: AP Denim)

Yonkers police say the 12-year-old is still in a medical center, getting treatment for his injury. The young man posted on Facebook recently that he is feeling better and feeling grateful for support from the community.

Police say despite the low quality video, they believe there's enough there for someone to recognize the shooters.

"Clothing, descriptions, the gait of a walk," Mueller explained.

Some residents want better security in the area.

"We need higher quality cameras and we need to get this solved," Yonkers resident Darrell Wamack told CBS2.

Authorities hope a $2,500 reward prompts someone to report what they know

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